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  • AndStatus is a traffic-efficient microblogging client for Twitter, StatusNet (GNU social) and, for Android devices. It combines your accounts in all Microblogging systems into one Timeline and allows you to work offline, including reading and blogging/sending messages (tweets, notices etc.) while you are offline. Open Source License.

    AndStatus differentiating features:
    * Many accounts in different Microblogging systems. You may have several accounts in each system, e.g. for different purposes, and write/reply as any "You".
    * Tweets/messages/user avatars are being synced in a background, when your device have a good connection. You may read and reply to them even when there is no Internet connection at all. Cached data may be stored for years or for several days only - it's your choice.
    * You don't need to be online even to post your updates: not sent status updates are kept (in the "retry queue") even after device reboot. They will be sent when there will be a chance...
    * Convenient "Conversation view" of related tweets (as a colored tree), including newer tweets that were posted later than currently selected tweet.
    * "Global search" allows searching public messages in all registered Microblogging systems with one query.
    * Easily backup and restore accounts and data between your devices.
    * It's free and without ads.

    v.9.0. Backup/Restore and Syncing indicator

    1. Application data backup and restore implemented. Preferences, messages and accounts with their credentials are backed up. Avatars are not.
    2. AndStatus syncing indicator is added.
    3. Added an option to change Connection timeout, which defaults to 30 seconds

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