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  • Why generate? Simple ... renaming files, folders, copy and pasting is SUPER error prone and well... it sucks overall. This can easily take a few days with debugging if you run into issues and perform a lot of typo's. Using the generator on you can generate your application with your application name as well as the package (and folder structure) that you want to work with.

    As an example, you know that you want your app name and package to the following:

    • App Name: Notify
    • Package Name:

    After generating the app on the folder structure of the source code for the app will change:

    • From: com/donnfelker/android/bootstrap
    • To: com/notify/app/mobile

    At that point all the source files that were located in ____com/donnfelker/android/bootstrap__ will be moved to the new folder com/notify/app/mobile.

    All import statments that reference the old resources ( will now be renamed to the correct package. The artifact id's in the pom.xml (and various other places) will be replaced. The App Name will be replaced in the strings/etc.

    The end result is that you will be given a zip file with the correct structure. Open the zip and then execute the ./gradlew command and your app should be ready for development.


    The application

    The build requires Gradle v1.10+ and the Android SDK to be installed in your development environment. In addition you'll need to set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable to the location of your SDK:

    export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/your/android-sdk

    After satisfying those requirements, the build is pretty simple:

    • Run gradlew or gradle assembleDebug or gradle assembleRelease from the app directory to build the APK only
    • Run one of the commands above from the root directory to build the app and also run the integration tests, this requires a connected Android device or running emulator.

    You might find that your device doesn't let you install your build if you already have the version from the Android Market installed. This is standard Android security as it it won't let you directly replace an app that's been signed with a different key. Manually uninstall Android Bootstrap from your device and you will then be able to install your own built version.

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