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  • AssetPicker - iOS (Objective-C)

    AssetPicker is a UIViewController subclass that provides an alternative solution to standard UIImagePickerController. Highlights are :-

    • Have both modes within single screen (Use Library or Use Camera).
    • Select Multiple Assets (Photos / Videos).
    • Browse all the albums within one screen.
    • Filters :- Photos(Default), Videos, All
    • Supports Portrait & Landscape Modes. (Autorotation supported (UIInterfaceOrientationMaskAllButUpsideDown))
    • Uses Blocks for completion & cancel (Maintains integrity of code)
    • Provides original ALAsset in returned response. (Better use it's properties)
    • Provides ContentsURL for both Photos & Videos. (No UIImage directly, memory issues with multiple selection)
    • Considers standard TabBarHeight and leaves space for that if set YES.
    • Set Maximum Limits Independently on Photos, Videos, Assets.




    • iOS 6.0 or later, ARC is must.

    • QuartzCore.Framework

    • AssetsLibrary.Framework

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