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  • CycleStreets Android app
  • CycleStreets Android app
  • CycleStreets Android app
  • CycleStreets Android app
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    • Plan cycle routes from A-B
    • Add waypoints, e.g. A-B-C-D
    • Turn-by-turn directions
    • London Cycle Hire (Boris bike) points with live data
    • Nearest points of interest
    • Search for names, places, towns, postcodes, station codes
    • Replan as quietest/fastest/balanced route
    • Photomap - view photos
    • Report cycling infrastructure problems
    • Load an existing CycleStreets route

    UK-wide cycle journey planner CycleStreets - Cycle navigation for cyclists, by cyclists.

    Plan routes from A to B anywhere in the UK, with a choice of four routing modes to suit a range of cyclists from beginner to regular commuter. The Photomap lets you submit photos of infrastructure problems or good practice around the UK.


    Select a start and finish point, plus intermediate waypoints, by tapping on the map, by searching for names/places/postcodes, or by using your current location, and tap to obtain the route. Uses the general street network, plus Sustrans and other routes.


    The app produces routes that will suit most cyclists. It can optionally can find faster or quieter routes for different types of rider. Routes are fetched from the CycleStreets website.


    The journey planner knows about hills, and finds routes that take advantage of the descents and avoids the ascents where possible. It balances these against the available road types. The route can be displayed on a map with contours using the OpenCycleMap option.


    As well as the main map view, planned routes are loaded into an itinerary view, so you can follow each part of the journey. The street name, time and length are all shown, as is a detailed map for each individual stage of the journey. Routes are saved so you can also follow them again later.


    The Photomap is a cycling advocacy tool used by campaign groups around the country. Use it to browse examples of problems or good practice, and add your own pictures. Need more cycle parking in your favourite spot in town? Sign in with a free account and add a photo of it to the Photomap.


    Routing makes use of OpenStreetMap data, the brilliant 'geo-wiki' to which you can contribute. Note that, at present, some areas of the country have better coverage than others. Streets and paths of all kinds, including Sustrans routes and Local Authority network, are included. Routing quality is being developed all the time, with new types of cycling and street data being added and interpreted by the route planner.


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