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    Oyun Müzik (v5.0) son güncelleme tamamen yeniden tasarlanması olmuştur ve yepyeni bir sanatçı / albüm detay ekrana sahip olmuştur. Böyle bir ayrıntı ekranını açarsanız, ActionBar başlangıçta görünmez ve sanatçı / albüm açıklayan büyük bir görüntü üst üste fark edeceksiniz. Eğer (eğer mümkünse) aşağı kaydırma başladığınızda, ActionBar yavaş yavaş kaybolur. Büyük görüntü ekrandan dışarı kaydırılan edildiğinde ActionBar tamamen opak döner.

    Here are two main advantages of this ActionBar animation:

    • Polish the UI: animations synchronized on an element you’re interacting with are generally appreciated by users because it makes them feel the UI is natural and reacts to their actions. The fading animation is a direct consequence of the per-pixel scrolling state and not a launched-once animation.

    • Take advantage of the screen real estate: while still preserving the UX of the platform, this pattern let the user primarily focus on the content rather than the controls. Used in addition to a nicely designed screen, it can be a game changer for your app’s interface.

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  • Known Issues

    There is an important issue with the library and ListViews. More specifically, things don't work quite right when the activity is re-created due to a configuration change. So, unless you handle configuration changes yourself (or your activity is portrait/landscape only), I strongly suggest you stick to having your content in a ScrollView until a solution to this issue is found.