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How to prepare a product for upload?

You start uploading a product by pressing upload button in your dashboard. You choose your item name and category also if exist a subcategory. All the fields in the form must be filled properly. But there are basic hints you have to know before uploading a product. You must be well prepared for uploading.
  • Prepare a zip file containing:
    • a 'Documentation' folder for the project document.
    • a 'Source' folder containing all the source codes used in the project.
    • an 'Assets' folder containing all graphics used in the layout (psd files etc).
  • Prepare screenshots containing:
    • a 'Logo' image (75x75) for listing
    • a 'View' image (270x216) for category listing
    • Maximum 10 'Main' images for your product gallery (850x370)

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  • Develop or prepare the most useful libraries you have,
  • Create a good documentation for your project,
  • Get screenshots of your work,
  • Prepare a demo for customers (for ex: download url, play store url, apple store url)


  • Click upload button in your account to start submission
  • Choose your category and enter you product info in every detail.
  • Upload the project files in a .zip or .rar file.
  • We review & publish your App in the shortest time possible.