Video Reserve - Android Full App - $97.00 USD

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  • This full android application finds the best videos and reserve(cache) them from the video feeds you have choosen or created. Youtube feeds are available now. If you want you can add your own video feed entries or you can choose from precreated entry lists. You can download videos now and cache them in VideoReserve to watch in offline mode. No youtube api , direct download of videos by detecting the stream url.‚Äč Beatiful UI design, navigation drawer and many more...

    * Select youtube channel feeds you are interested

    * Refresh feeds manually or by setting automatic refresh in settings page

    * Download and reserve(cache) the videos to play in offline mode

    * Download in background task with download service

    * No youtube api or any other library, just plain, native eclipse application you can run easily

    * Detect youtube stream url to play and download video

    * if video is reserved (downloaded) play video offline

    * Push notifications when new videos arrived

    * Left slide menu with navigation drawer

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  • v1.0.6
    Youtube search videos by keyword and save your search to get notifications

  • How to setup:

    1 - From Eclipse - File -> Import -> Existing code into workspace

    2 - Choose the folder you downloaded

    3 - No external libraries

    4 - From Run -> Configurations - Setup a new android application

    5 - Click run to run on a device

    Note: You have to change application package name to submit this code to google play